About Barb

That's Me at the Taj Mahal

Barbara Morris was born and educated in Christchurch and graduated from Teachers’ College when she was eighteen. She was a new entrant teacher for several years. Later, when her children were growing up, she studied for her LTCL (Licentiate Teacher Trinity College, London) and became a piano teacher. Barb decided to go to University with her children, and graduated in 2001 with a B.Tchg. (Bachelor of Teaching)

Barb spent most of her career as a primary school teacher specialising in remedial reading. She was a reading specialist at Southwell Preparatory School in Hamilton, New Zealand, where she built up her extensive knowledge of reading and writing through research and experience. Over the years many people have asked her to write about her highly successful teaching methods.

From her experience and many years of research, comes Leading to Reading the easy way.

Email Barb directly at this address: readwithbarb@gmail.com